We Must Support Those Who Support U-46

We at U-46 Forward are working together for the advancement of our school district and the benefit our students.  We believe our entire U-46 community – from every student, parent and taxpayer to every teacher, student support staff, administrator and Board of Education member – must be a partnership committed to providing every U-46 student the best opportunities to be successful.

The work of U-46 is too important to place at risk.  There are severe challenges emerging that threaten to negatively impact future opportunities for our U-46 students.   Failure to overcome these challenges for the 40,000 students whose futures depend on receiving a quality education from U-46 is not an option. 

We at U-46 Forward strongly support the work of U-46 and we strongly support those who support U-46.  That is why we at U-46 Forward believe we must take a much more active role in supporting those who support U-46.  Sitting on the sideline while certain forces attempt to reverse the forward progress made by our school district is not an option.

We will be sharing opportunities with our U-46 community as to how to get directly involved in support of our students and those who support U-46.  We invite you to join us in this important work.  Your involvement in U-46 Forward in support of our district will pay great dividends for the future success of our students.

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