We will not sit on the sideline

On April 4, our U-46 community has a major decision to make that will greatly impact the future of our school district and the educational outcomes of our 40,000 students. Our community must decide between two opposite directions. We can choose to support those who are committed to moving our school district forward or we can allow those who wish to drag our district backward to take control of our children’s education.

There are three candidates running for U-46 Board of Education who support the continuation and further improvement of programs and opportunities to benefit our students. Candidates who will utilize their broad experience and perspectives as U-46 parents to move our district forward. Candidates who support programs that enrich our students and make U-46 competitive in ways that increase the value of our homes in the district. Candidates who support responsible, balanced budgets that allow program expansion without adding to the taxpayer burden. Candidates who are committed to working as a community to secure equitable education funding that increases resources in our classrooms and reduces the burden on local property taxpayers. Candidates who place the best interests of our students at the forefront of their decision making.

Conversely, we are alarmed that there are three candidates running for U-46 Board who do not appear to share this commitment. Candidates that oppose continuing and expanding programs and even seek to drag U-46 backward by eliminating valuable programs such as full day kindergarten. Candidates with virtually no personal stake in the educational outcomes of our students or previous experience with advancing the interests of the students in the district. Candidates who have opposed responsible, balanced budgets that provide the wide variety of educational opportunities for our students. Candidates who put their personal ideology and partisan politics ahead of interests of our students.

We at U-46 Forward are committed to supporting those candidates who support our students and our school district. We will not sit on the sidelines while the interests of our students are at stake. Our children are far too important.

We invite you to join us and help support those who support U-46. Remember,

There is no left or right in education.

There is only forward and backward.

U-46 Forward.

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