Modernizing our Classrooms

Access to top quality educational materials, the most upto-date resources and innovative programming are necessary for each student’s academic success.  

All of our students should have access to updated textbooks, as well as an array of multimedia tools, hands-on learning implements and technology strategically integrated into the learning process. Materials and resources should match student abilities, ranging from adaptive technology for students needing specialized services to modern technical equipment necessary for career training.  

U-46 programs such as our Academies, Dual Language, Full Day Kindergarten, Career & Technical Education and the variety of other secondary electives allow families to choose unique opportunities for their students.  These programs need to remain current and rigorous for students to become contributing members of our community ready to compete in a global economy.

U-46 must continue to invest in classroom materials and successful programs.  U-46 must also pursue new creative ideas that will expand our offerings and continue to reach each learner.

We envision a U-46 community – from our Board of Education to every student, parent, taxpayer and education professional – standing united to advance U-46 Forward in the pursuit of opportunities that ensure our students have access to the quality, modernized resources they require to succeed.