Supporting Our Education Professionals

Teacher giving lesson to her studentsSuccess in education relies upon a strong partnership between our students, our parents, our community and our education professionals. The contributions of those whose daily efforts ensure U-46 is fully prepared to provide our students with the opportunity for success – our teachers, administrative staff, bus drivers, food services workers, maintenance crews and all support staff – are a greatly appreciated, respected and valued component of this partnership. Their professionalism and commitment to achievement provides immeasurable dividends for our students and our community.

In order for U-46 to be a district that fully prepares our students to compete in the global economy, it is critical we provide our education professionals with the comprehensive range of resources they require to accomplish their mission. Failing to do so diminishes our ability to attract, enhance and retain quality educators. Investing in educational success goes beyond simply acquiring books, technology or miscellaneous classroom materials. Investing in our people is every bit as important. As partners in our students’ education, we cannot afford to shortchange those whose efforts have the most direct impact on their achievement.

We envision a U-46 community – from our Board of Education to every student, parent and taxpayer – standing united in demonstrating our respect, appreciation and support for our education professionals to move U-46 forward.